R&B=Ruth Brown - Ruth Brown Bullseye Blues 9583, 1997
songs: Bite My Tongue (Basile, 1992)

Plays Jazz: The Rounder Years - Duke Robillard Bullseye Blues 9597, 1997
plays cornet: Albi Ain't Here, I'll Never Be the Same, Twist Top

In Search of Erik Narwhal EN 1001, 1996
plays cornet: Dick's Stick

Temptation - Duke Robillard Pointblank 7243 8 39652 2 9, 1994
songs: Live To Give (Robillard/Basile, 1993)
The Change Is On (Basile/Robillard, 1994)
Life's Funny (Robillard/Forrest/Cruze/Basile, 1994)
This Dream (Still Coming True) (Basile, 1987)

plays cornet: This Dream, Never Been Satisfied

Duke's Blues - Duke Robillard Stony Plain SPCD 1195, 1994
Pointblank 7243 8, 1995
plays cornet throughout, featured on:
Midnight Cannonball
Glamour Girl
Don't Leave Me Baby

After Hours Swing Session - Duke Robillard Rounder 3114, 1992
plays cornet: The Trouble With Me is You
I Can't Believe You're In Love With Me
Twist Top
I'll Never Be the Same
Albi Ain't Here

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